UNBELIEVABLE :Beer Drinking Festival in Spain Ends in Tragedy, Winner Dies


According to La Nueva España, Joaquín Alcaraz Gracia, 45, claimed the title of beer drinking champ during a festival held in the Gea y Truyols district of Murcia, Spain, Wednesday.

Sadly, his victory was very short-lived.

The rules of the drinking  competition were simple, contestants must drink as many liter-glasses of beer as they can in 20 minutes. Gracia, who reportedly drank about 12.5 pints (six liters), died after the contest.

Local reports stated that upon receiving the festival’s top prize, Gracia raised his trophy in the air and immediately began vomiting.

Before that “he was fine”, explained Antonio Alcaraz told Spanish newspaper Hoy. ”He had drunk six litres of beer, and when he won he lifted the trophy. Then he just started to vomit without stopping and he never spoke again,” Alcaraz said.

The drinking  contest is part of the area’s annual festival, which has been held for more than 15 years. But following Gracia’s death, future festival plans have been suspended, La Nueva España notes.

By Breezoom African News

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