Toolz: “Don Jazzy Has A Crush On Me, He Is My Personal Person

ToolzToolz is arguably the most physically endowed entertainers in Nigeria.


On Air character and owner of online tv Ndani, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz was a guest on the X-Generation events, ‘Rubbin Minds’ where she revealed that ace producer and CEO of Mavin notes, Don Jazzy really has a crush on her.


Way down into the interview, Toolz revealed that most persons actually think that she has a trample on Don Jazzy, but she claimed that it is the one time producer of D-Banj and co-owner of obsolete Mo’Hits notes that is actually having a trample on her.


This is what Toolz had to state –


Q: You cited earlier about persons stateing you interviewing somebody and they end saying you are going out with, I want to call a couple of titles and you are going to notify Yes or No, or interpret anything it is you desire to explain if you did date them or not.


‘Don Jazzy’


Toolz: Don Jazzy is my individual person, Don Jazzy is like a famous person that, he considered me a allotment about the industry, he’s my individual individual.


Q: Never antiquated?


Toolz: No


Toolz: persons say that you now I have a trample on him, I say to you he has crush on me


Q: So you believe Don Jazzy has a trample on you?


Toolz: Don Jazzy is awesome and amazing.


The On Air character with one of Nigeria’s 21st years music radio stations, trounce FM, recounted Iyanya as a naturally flirtatious individual and that is one of his trading points, but she not ever antiquated him.


Q: Iyanya


Tollz: No, I don’t understand when that came about, when was that? When did that came about?


I don’t understand there was a video; you friends were in the studio simultaneously, I think some talk started from there, he did an interview with you.


Toolz: Oh there we go, no, no, no Iyanya is routinely, like naturally flirtatious and I believe that’s one of his trading points, but No.


She recounted rapper Lynxxx as her very good ally, as somebody she bickers a allotment with and that they are very close.


Q: Lynx

Toolz: No, Lynxxx and I are like we bicker a lot, and it’s kind of like, you now the way you have a friend and he’s a friend, you just, the way you kind of evolve your companionship is just yap, a kind of that individual like ‘ look at your head, look at this and everything’ so that’s it. We were rather close

By Breezoom African News

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