REVEALED !!!! The Ex Ms. Usher Raymond Owes $200,000 to Landlord

Ms. Tameka Foster may need to find somewhere else to stay if she doesn’t cough up the $200,000 owed to her landlord. I thought Ms. Thing was about that life? Tameka claims that her landlord Antelope Valley Plaza broke the lease agreement and lawsuit against her should be dropped.

A judge ordered that she must pay $186,036.50 to the landlord as well as $18,625.65 in legal fees.

Usher better watch out because she just may be hitting him up for the coins. But then again he did evicted her back in November, when he put the mansion, where he had been allowing her to live in on the market for $3.2 million.

You may want to pay up Boo Boo before you’re put out yet again. Pay back is really a bitch.

By Breezoom African News

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