SHOW OF SHAME !!! Big Brother Africa – The Chase: Nigerians Lambast Beverly Osu Over Sexual Escapades In The House

Nigeria’s female representative at the ongoing Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu, has come under heavy criticism for allegedly having sex with South African housemate, Angelo Collins.
A three-minute video showing Beverly and her fellow housemate-turned lover, Angelo, naked in a bathtub has gone viral on the Internet.
In the video, in which Beverly lies atop Angelo, the two love birds are heard moaning in a suggestive way. The compromising position and accompanying movement have given many viewers the impression that the bathroom session was like the proverbial handshake that went beyond the elbows. Besides, a photograph of the two, showing them sharing some intimacy under the bed sheets, is also circulating on social media.

Nigerian followers of the show lambasted her online for giving in to what they call her “sexual urges” under the full glare of the cameras.
They wondered why she couldn’t exercise a little restraint with many concluding that she had succeeded in “debasing womanhood” as having sex openly is “un-African” and “shameful”. Many have also described it as a show of shame and degradation of the African culture.
Those who took to the social media to vent their anger observed that Beverly had succeeded in breaking the record of being the first Nigerian housemate to have sex in the show since inception.
A Facebook user, Peter Francis, wrote, “She is a disgrace to Nigeria. She couldn’t keep her pants on for the sake of dignity. She has portrayed the image of Nigerian girls as being wayward.”
An anonymous reader of also said Beverly’s actions of late at the BBA house was not well thought-out.
The reader painted a possible scenario in the future, in which her children could get to see her naked picture and the video which has circulated widely on the Internet.
“What if her kids and their friends in the future ransack the Internet and find these pictures and video of hers? Oh dear! She is lost in the gains of the current minute/ second idea – a myopic vision which is the plague of my countrymen and women,” the reader said.
Another reader on the blog said it was “unbelievable” that a Nigerian girl could condescend to that level. The reader added, “Allowing a guy to shag you openly. This is annoying. What a shame, she was even the one on top. What a desperation!”
On the same blog, another anonymous reader said even if Beverly was mad over heels in love with Angelo, she should have tarried till the end of the show before expressing any form of sexual activity with him.
The reader wrote, “Beverly, why do you have to do this now? At least,  you should have played hard-to-get until you are out of the BBA house. Anyway, everyone has his/her life to live, it’s your life; what a way to make history.”
“In fact, I’m lost for words. I don’t believe in judging people but the truth should be told. Each of these housemates is the ambassador of his or her country. As a result of this, some level of decency and composure is expected for goodness sake.
“I think she (Beverly) got too comfortable and got carried away. But there is no amount of pressure or sexual tension that should make anyone of them throw caution to the wind,” Fluffy Diva, one reader on the blog, commented after watching the video.
Ama, a member of, lamented that she might have resorted to such sexual escapades as a way of attracting attention to herself.
She said, “Too bad we can be that desperate as women! Such a pity! Most parents might not mind, the trophy will justify her actions. Tomorrow, she will become our children’s role model! BBA is still evolving, unless it’s used to impact virtues and innovation in Africa, it should be scrapped.”
Another member of the forum, Ishilove,  asked, “Does Miss Beverly Osu forget that the BBA show will end? One’s past has a way of haunting one. So, when all these BBA brouhaha becomes part of her past, she should not complain when it comes back to haunt her.”
But just as Nigerians were coming hard on Beverly over her sexual adventure in the BBA house, pictures of Angelo’s supposed girlfriend surfaced on Twitter and other social networking sites.
A check on Twitter reveals that  he is allegedly in a relationship with South African model and beautician, Candice Arends, based in Cape Town.
On May 14,  tweets  from Angelo to Candice,  who uses the handle, @Candy_misscoca, read, “You are the number one woman in my life. Don’t ever forget that. I wish I can make the world feel what I feel when I’m with you.”
This development has made many Nigerians on social media to conclude that Beverly may turn out to be the loser on the long run and regret her public action.

According to them, Candice appeared more “stunningly beautiful” and, as such, might be hard for Angelo to dump her(Candice) for Beverly


By Breezoom African News

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