[Photos] Rihanna Continues To Share sexy Snaps Of Herself…



With her latest album titled Unapologetic, it seems as though nothing is too risqué for  Rihanna to share with her fans. And having wrapped up her Diamonds World Tour, the 25-year-old has found herself with some spare time to devote to her InstagramAnyone brave enough to peruse her social media would quickly notice a trend — that being her affinity for sharing snaps of her backside. Continues….
On Friday alone, the brunette beauty posted four pictures (one is a collage of six images, so more like nine total) of herself in a bikini, offering up different angles of her slim figure. Scrolling back another week reveals 38 images shared to her 9 million Instagram followers, all but 10 of those are of the Umbrella songstress in some variation on a swimsuit. Image after image, the Disturbia singer offers a slice of life approach to her vagabond lifestyle, stepping foot in nearly every major city in the world for her sold out tours, popular music videos, fan-favoured photoshoots, and even just being on holiday.

By Breezoom African News

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