Cameroonian Movie Wins ‘Best African film of 2013′ at AMA Awards


A scene from 'Ninah's Dowry'

A scene from ‘Ninah’s Dowry’


For the first time ever in an Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) or Africa’s Oscars, a Cameroonian movie has won the Special Jury Award in order words, the award for Africa Movie Academy Awards Best African film of 2013. The Movie is this discussion is called ‘Ninah’s Dowry’ written, produced and directed by Cameroonian born filmmaker and director Victor Viyuoh.


“Special Jury Award” is usually “A special Award” given to someone (Actor, Producer, Director, Filmmaker etc) chosen by the jury to recognize a great performance by either an actor, Producer, Director, Filmmaker for that year or for years past.


Special Jury Awards are usually awarded with a cash prize and in some cases a certificate of merit. Special Jury Award recipients usually represent the best productions from that Competition. It should be noted that on that night, three films, “Elelwani” from South Africa, “Nairobi Half Life” from Kenya and “Ninah’s Dowry” from Cameroon were battling for the prestigious title of Best African film of 2013.


It is a big issue. Cameroon’s Ninah’s Dowry won the prestigious title of “Best African film of AMAA 2013 beating “Elelwani” from South Africa, and “Nairobi Half Life” from Kenya. Ninah’s Dowry was originally nimonated for seven (7) Africa Movie Academy Awards in the following categories: AMAA 2013 Prize For Achievement in Make-up; Prize For Achievement in Screenplay; Prize For Best Child Actor; Prize For Best Actress in a Leading Role (Mbufung Seikeh); For Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Crista Eka); For Best Actor in a Leading Role (Amurin Wumnembom); and finally AMAA 2013 Prize For Best Film. To have an idea of the movie being discussed please read a synopsis of Ninah’s Dowry below.


SYNOPSIS (Summary of the Movie) NINAH’S DOWRY


At 20, Ninah is a veteran wife of 7 years and a mother of 3 who is stuck in an abusive relationship with no hope of change. When news of her gravely ill father reaches her, she disobeys her husband’s orders not to go so she could speak her peace to the man who put her in bondage. After her father dies, Ninah refuses to return home and stays instead to run a small restaurant. When news reaches her husband that Ninah is pregnant, he comes to recover the dowry he paid or take home the woman he owns. By any means necessary.


About The Director VICTOR VIYUOH


victor Viyuoh (Director)VICTOR VIYUOH is a WRITER, PRODUCER & DIRECTOR. He is the Director of the Africa Movie Academy Awards winning movie ‘Ninah’s Dowry’ and according to the official website of Ninah’s Dowry; he was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Independent Filmmakers to watch.

Victor Viyuoh wrote and directed the short film MBOUTOUKOU which was filmed entirely in Cameroon, Africa. In one year on the circuit, Mboutoukou played at over 100 festivals including Venice in Italy, New Directors/New Films and Rotterdam. Beginning with its nomination for the 2002 Student Academy Awards, Mboutoukou won over 20 awards including Best Short at SXSW, Best Short film at Urbanworld, and the Rights of the Child Award at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Victor is an alumnus of USC’s School of Cinema-Television and IFP/LA’s Directors and Screenwriters labs

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